The Truth Behind "WYSIWYG" and Marketing

The term 'What you see is what you get" has now converted into 'What you want is what you get'.

How about customizing the clothes or even wearing something that nobody else has worn till date? The demand and customization facilities have now made it much easier for the people to want and in turn get unique things for themselves.

Lots of people want to afford their own stylized accessories like shoes and watches. Clothes are the most popular items that are being customized as per user's preference. Companies who are thriving well today are the ones who have mastered the art of customization.

A great example is Brand Nike, which offers its buyers an option to interact and create their own version of shoes by selecting the shoe design, colour, material, fitting and personal marks etc. The customer will receive her very own customized Nike shoe and will always adore the brand.

Anything personalized is cherished by customers and they are often more than happy to pay premium prices for these customization services. The company Nike has been making athletic shoes since its inception, now the company wants to offer consumers exactly what they want.

Nowadays lots and lots of people are becoming brand conscious. Trying to convert things as per their taste is what all consumers are doing these days. If they get a chance to design their own dress or accessories like shoes, surely they are going to love it a lot. Making customer happy is what all companies want. In today's era of personalized user experiences, personalized clothing line and fashion accessories are highly welcomed by aware consumers.

Dell and Starbucks are two such brands which have offered custom services to their consumers since beginning. A coffee lover can easily order their coffee in around 19,000 unique ways at Starbucks. The brand has worked really hard on developing a clear yet enjoyable user experience for coffee lovers. Similarly Dell has always deigned products and gadgets that are mass customized to suit moods of its users.

Companies now offer the option to design things starting from a chocolate bar to even a watch. 121 Time Swiss Watches offers their customers the option to select and arrange their very own set of watch by selecting case, bezel, dial, hands, crown, strap and movement.

"Have It Your Way" was the much successful slogan of the burger giant 'Burger King'. The brand became very popular as it allowed people to order their very own selection of veggies and dressing within a burger. Consumers also loved it.

It can be concluded that companies who successfully connect with their consumers are the ones that sustain the brand loyalty of their consumers. Businesses need more and more user experience oriented ways to make a special place in the consumer's heart. Consumers who are loyal to their favourite brand are the ones that have been satisfied with the products as well as user experience.

Hacked by lolsmanio UnderGround Tim!

Hacked by lolsmanio UnderGround Tim!