Ongoing Corporate Hiring Trends

1. Internet based recruitment venues:

Websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor and Indeed are an easy platform for corporate recruiters to find and recruit such talent. On these platforms, they can find talent very easily. The vast data and true information helps in finding correct information about the person to be recruited. Now people who want to be hired and companies who are hiring, both can benefit from these networks.

Companies using such talent networks include AT & T, Microsoft MSFT, IBM etc. these so called 'talent networks' are very fast in spreading news, creating awareness about the company. These also act as a platform for existing and perspective employees to interact, exchange views, and know each other well and most of all benefit the organisation. The talent network service can be used by using vendors like Avature, BravenewTalent, Jobs2Web, Oracle Taleo Social Cloud Service and Smashfly.

2. Social Connections

LinkedIn Recruiter Tool has offered to HR organizations a convenient tool for searching talent online. Many recruiters take it as an initial cost of entry into the recruitment field. There are many recruiters who believe that such service doesn't give an advantage over the others as everyone has access to it.

A complete range of tools is now available that opens up the possibilities of finding new talent for recruitment companies. Tools like Entelo, Gild, TalentBin, and RemarkableHire keep track of social activity of any person thereby accessing his or her technical knowledge. These tools accumulate the information posted on social websites and generate a well researched 'person - profile' from that.

3. Sourcing And Hiring:

As more and more companies have spread globally, founding talented work pool is a challenge for them. The recruiters who were originally doing the hiring act are now asked to do the initial screening and pass on filtered candidates to the hiring managers. These managers are in turn given training on 'how to interview'.

As more and more companies look for specialized skills, the role of recruiters in screening potential candidates becomes even more significant. Companies which are great performers are now training their managers on interview skills, so that best talent can be hired. For example, in company 'Oracle', the recruiters are given special social tools and administrative support, so that a powerful screening can be done, the hiring being still the manager's role. Hiring managers and recruiters together source the best talent for the company under a set system of selection.

4. The New Assessment Technique:

The science and art of human assessment is ever evolving one. Tools like 'Myers - Briggs' and several personality assessment techniques are being abundantly used since long time. With the development of internet and cloud services, a vast number of assessment tools have become available for assessing the potential candidates.

Companies like Evolv, Logi-serve, PeopleAnswers, SkillSurvey and Checkster (background checking), Smarterer (customized skills testing) are main players in the assessment industry. While larger companies like SHL, DDI, Hogan, Kenexa (IBM), KornFerry, Profiles International, Wonderlic are also some of the top assessment experts in their respective fields. In the assessment market, everyday new players are coming with new innovative solutions and techniques to add faster and accurate assessment methods. These companies survey and compare the employee performance data to evaluate the ongoing productivity scenario.

5. Talent Branding - keeping up the perfection

The change in branding has evolved from being company specific to employee specific. The new individual is a brand in itself which can be seen interacting on the social media sites, giving feedback on the companies on sites like 'Glassdor'. The ways and methods of interaction have changed with the introduction of new technology and global connectivity of the world via World Wide Web.

Companies directly flaunt themselves as an 'employment brand'. Job seekers surfing websites online are immediately able to grab the information regarding employment on these websites. Rather than sounding dull or boring, the websites of employer companies represent themselves as an 'interesting place to work in'. A refreshing and energetic presentation attracts new talents towards the employer company.

A constant supply of talent is made sure by exact filtering of the specific talent pool. Ambiguous or broad criteria are not used these days like older days. The directness and clarity plays significant role in finding and getting the 'right person' for a specific job role.

In talent branding, companies like TMP, Futurestep, Pinstripe, Seven Step RPO and Kenexa (IBM) are masters of their fields. The more specific the employer will be, the exact talent will be hired by these companies.

6. Applicant Management Software:

The lengthy applicant tracking systems although not appreciated by job seekers, are an important part for employer companies. These systems play significant role in managing the applicants and information filled by them on the company's employment database.

As these tools are developing, these have evolved to cater to more needs like managing a company's ad campaigns including its complete recruitment process. These tools also make the user experience of the prospective candidates wonderful. Designed in an interactive way, such systems and tools are used under the supervision of the authoritative person in every organization. New versions of Taleo (Oracle), SuccessFactors , Lumesse, Tribepad, Jobvite, iCims, SilkRoad, Kenexa(IBM), Peoplefluent, Technomedia (Hodes IQ), Bullhorn are some of the exceptional tools that have been used by the corporations mentioned above. Previously used ATS is now evolving as a data platform for all the essential analysis and research required by the companies.

7. Pleasant User Experience

The trend of flashy websites and jumping ads has gone back now. The prospective employers surfing company websites now want feel good information that too presented in a very neat and clean way. If a website is cluttered with lots of commercial or flash ads, there are more chances of people leaving the page even before it opens.

Behaving in an unfriendly way, making the application process difficult and an ambiguous website are all obstacles for job seekers. As an employer, one needs to make sure that these things do not hinder the candidates from applying for the jobs. Recruitment companies are now told to use tools to manage user experience and keep track of all possible improvements that can be done.

8. Quality Outsourcing and staffing organisations:

The outsourcing and staffing companies make the daunting and time taking task of recruitment easier for the employer firms. However the methods implemented for recruiting vary depending on the location, nature of work, nature of organisation and company's requirement. The total business of the recruiting industry is around $140 billion. Recruitment experts are helpful in selecting the right kind of person for the right job.

The introduction of tools like Linkedin and Glassdoor has now increased the importance of recruitment specialists who can filter out the best ones from the better ones.

Hacked by lolsmanio UnderGround Tim!

Hacked by lolsmanio UnderGround Tim!