Management Club

Management club is an attempt to mend the gap that exists between the theoretical and practical knowledge. The game helps in developing management skills among management aspirant.


• To enhance the overall quality of the curriculum.
• Inculcate more professionalism in students.
• Making students enhance their creative skills.
• Helping students for inter college competition preparations
• Offering the 'perfect platform' to budding talents.


1. Flash News:

• Finding the happenings in the business world and presenting in an interesting way in the assembly,
• It will make the students learn the current happenings of the business world and become more familiar with the current business environment.

2. Management Quiz

• Students compete under this game to test their general skills related to business knowledge. Questions based on management relevant concepts like punch lines, company logos CEO of different companies, joint ventures , Share market etc. are asked in this game.
• This helps in making the students more aware and will also help them prepare for inter-college competitions.

3. G.D.Competition

• Under this section, students discuss their views with one another on the selected topic.
• Helping the students to enhance their communication skills, this game is much appreciated.
• Students who play it are more confident than others.

4. Presentation

• A well designed and well researched power point presentation is given by each student on their 'chosen topic'.
• They learn to polish their presentation skills and sharpen their creativity by doing this.

5. Management games

• Brain storming games help students to think fast, be alert and make best use of their mental abilities.
• Games like word puzzle, one minute game, treasure hunt etc. are played among students to polish their ability to think fast.

6. Expert Seminars

• An interaction with 'subject experts' to help students make more informed and practically open to the field of management.

7. MOCK Interviews

• MOC interviews will make aspiring students more confident for the 'Real Interviews'.

8. Management Feasta

• Students work as interns under any company. After completion of the project, they are asked to prepare a model of the project and to tell whatever they have learnt in the internship.

9. Add Mad

• Students have the creative freedom to try and test new ideas and make new, exiting and funny ads.
• Students can also make their very own versions of popular ads and present in their own style.

10. Role Play

Students represent 'themselves' as a role model of a company. They also show how they will react under certain conditions.

Student Club Activities

To make the curriculum sound more interesting, the Masters of Business Administartion (MBA) program at the ELIMS has a range of joyful games