Are We Doing The Right Things For Us

May 30th, 2018 Author: in: Student Corner

The role of change is inevitable and effective in all fields and phases in life. We are all dependants and follow Change in our life. Nevertheless; it is change that prompts us to be better people who are part of an ever changing global economy. When we think about it, each and every action that an individual does or commits is actually based on the changes occurring around us. So it is obvious and prominent regarding the fact that change has played a salient role in the life of students. Has it increased comforts and education? Yes. But has it retained and safeguarded the values instilled in people? Not so much.

We have been witnesses of how the schooling system has changed from the shades of banyan trees to the air conditioned classrooms, how the dusty black boards became smart boards sweeping off chalks. Teachers became faculties and knowledge is not the basis of education anymore. Only students who can get into the best schools, colleges, universities, and crack entrances with ranks are considered eligible for best education. Money is another factor that pulls the thread of the futures of many. We can notice that lots of graduates and post graduates are in streams they do not wish to be due to pressure since they have to raise the standards set by their near and dear ones. Kids studying in 2nd and 4th grade are carrying bags heavier than themselves. How long will paper and books based learning continue in our country? When will the fresher’s of our country realize the role and importance of working in their home country for at least a few years?

Well, change is really an inevitable factor in everyone’s life and also the changing education system. But I wish to see the change when people realize the real purpose of education and when we learn to appreciate students other than “marks” or “ranks”. Change should be a factor that prompts us to be ourselves but at our best. So while going with the flow, we should turn back and check “are we doing the right things for us?” .


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