Master Of Business Administration

The college provides a comprehensive range of academics to empower the students with industry-rated standard courses. ELIMS is rightly considered to be a center for teaching excellence, thanks to the excellent facilities provided to educate the students in various MBA streams. The MBA program accepts 120 students every year, while the course duration is for two years with four semesters, two each year. The college, being a leader in innovative management education aims to provide a systematic approach to teach managerial perspectives and uses the Calicut University syllabus to structure the courses. ELIMS is a leader in providing excellent practical real-world experiences to supplement theoretical teaching.

ELIMS provides all the students with a rock-solid foundation in all the management disciplines. Seventeen core courses, compulsory for all the students, cover the changing trends in market strategies, the secrets involved in market research, recognizing consumer trends and practical skills at product management. Of the 17 courses, 9 are finished in the first year while the rest are completed in the second year. Each of the courses need 60 teaching hours. Half courses are also provided at the college in which case, there would be 30 teaching hours. Each of the full courses carries a weightage of 100 marks while half courses are for 50 marks. The students can participate in minor project works during the third semester, while they have to complete a major one in the fourth semester.

Course Structure

  • There are 17 compulsory courses in the first year, 9 in the first semester and 8 in the second semesters respectively and 6 compulsory courses in the second year, 5 in the third semester and 3 in the fourth semester.
  • There are full courses as well half courses.
  • Each full course shall have a minimum of 60 hours of lecture and each half course, 30 hours of lecture in a semester.
  • Each full course carries 100 marks and half course carries 50 marks in total.
  • In the third and fourth semester specialization (dual) courses will be offered. The students will be doing a minor project work in the third semester and a major project work in the fourth semester respectively.
Semester 1
Course CodeCourse Title
BUS IC 01Business Communication
BUS IC 02Management Theory and Business Ethics
BUS IC 03Business Laws
BUS IC 04Organizational Behaviour
BUS IC 05Environment and Business
BUS IC 06Managerial Economics
BUS IC 07Quantitative Techniques
BUS IC 08Accounting for Managers
Semester 2
Course CodeCourse Title
BUS 2C 09Soft Skill Development
BUS 2C 10Marketing Management
BUS 2C 11Financial Management
BUS 2C 12Operations Management
BUS 2C 13Human Resources Management
BUS 2C 14Management Science
BUS 2C 15Management Information Systems
BUS 2C 16Business Research Methods for Management
Semester 3
Course CodeCourse Title
BUS 3C 17Advanced Strategic Management
BUS 3C 18Strategic Cost Management
BUS 3C 19Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management
BUS 3C 20Supply Chain Management
BUS 3C 21Investment Management
 Functional Elective 1
 Functional Elective 2
 Functional Elective 3
Semester 4
Course CodeCourse Title
BUS 4C 22Corporate Governance
BUS 4C 23International Business
BUS 4C 24Management Control System
 Functional Elective 4
 Functional Elective 5
BUS 4C 25Major Project
BUS 4C 26Comprehensive Viva Voce



  • MAR 1 Marketing Research Management 
  • MAR 2 Product Management
  • MAR 3 Brand Management
  • MAR 4 Consumer Behavior Management
  • MAR 5 Advertising and Sales Promotion Management
  • MAR 6 Sales Management
  • MAR 7 International Marketing Management
  • MAR 9 Service Marketing Management
  • MAR 10 Retail Management


  • FIN 1 Strategic Financial Management
  • FIN 2 International Finance Management 
  • FIN 3 Forex Management
  • FIN4 Risk Management and Derivatives Management 
  • FIN 5 Corporate Taxation Management 
  • FIN 6 Financial Services Management 
  • FIN 7 Behavioral finance Management 
  • FIN 8 Treasury Management


  • HRM 1 Human Resource Planning and Development Management
  • HRM 2 Management of Industrial Relations Management 
  • HRM 3 Organizational Development and Change Management
  • HRM 4 Global Human Resource management 
  • HRM 5 Management Training and Development Management
  • HRM 6 Performance Management


  • IBS 1 Strategic Financial Management 
  • IBS 2 International Finance Management
  • IBS 3 International Marketing Management 
  • IBS 4 Global Human Resource Management 
  • IBS 5 Forex management 
  • ISB 6 E-Commerce


  • SYS I Systems Analysis and Design Management
  • SYS 2 Data Base Management Systems Management
  • SYS 3 Electronic Commerce Management
  • SYS 4 Enterprise Resource Planning Management
  • SYS 5 Business Process Re engineering

ADD-ON COURSE are offered in the following areas:

  1. Business computing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program)
  4. Project Management
  5. Agri Business
  6. Share Trading
  7. Supply Chain Management
  8. Analytics
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Islamic Finance
  11. Contracts